Saturday, 25 April 2015

Pet peeves

Love is not easily angered

As I'm sitting here thinking about what angers me I've noticed something: I keep drawing a line between 'angry' and 'annoyed.'

Thought One: "Hmm people being rude makes me annoyed."

Thought Two: "Yeah but that's not really being 'easily angered' so that's ok."

Is it?

Is it ok to get annoyed and think unkind, judgemental thoughts about someone because they did something you didn't like?

One scenario that particularly bothers me is when people are trying to get off the train and the people waiting on the platform don't wait and push ahead. That really ticks me off. I get all indignant even when I'm the one waiting on the platform and not even remotely affected by it. 

I think it strikes of rudeness, impatience and a lack of consideration for other's needs. 

So I silently fume about it, grumbling away in my head and judging their actions. It easily to let this build up until I'm positively cross about it. 

Notice in none of the above did I use the word "angry." 

But I am angry.

And this kind of thing easily angers me. I go from happy and carefree to downright ticked off at someone else's largely harmless mistake. I say 'mistake' because there have been several times where I thought it was okay to get on the train and it turned out there were still several people trying to get out. Whoops. I made a mistake, it happens. 

Yes there are probably people who do it deliberately because they're impatient or don't care. But silently (or even audibly) judging them isn't going to change anything. But forgiveness will. Forgiveness brings peace to your heart and frees you from judgement. 

So, to the two ladies who rushed in as I was trying to exit the train this afternoon... I forgive you. 

If MLK could forgive I'm pretty sure I can let those two women slide. This time. ;)
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Anonymous said...

I can so relate to this, I often excuse my annoyance, when really I'm fuming inside, absolutely love the background for you blog by the way, it's really pretty.

MB said...

Yep! A few days after I posted this the same thing happened but this time they had luggage and nearly ran over my foot as I tried to get off the train... Thank God for His grace and that He is constantly working in me.

And thank you! It's one of Blogger's templates. I really like it too.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, that could have been painful! So pleased I don't have to use public transport at the moment.