Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Adventures in Adulthood

The Tale of the Never-ending Dishes

I've learnt a lot about being an adult in these past few months, probably more than I'd like to to be perfectly honest.

Tinkerbell, we can be kids forever right? Right??

In my numerous house-sitting adventures (well.. two) I have learnt to appreciate just how much work goes into managing a house, and this is just with one person! *shudders at the thought of mess multiplied by children.*

Question: Do dishes secretly breed when you're not looking? Next time I'm going to conduct an experiment to test this hypothesis.

But seriously though, how do you do it? I saw house-sitting as one big holiday, with heaps of free time and getting to do whatever I want... NOPE! I mean, it was a lot of fun and I did have a fair bit of free time. But in between cleaning, gardening and pet care my best friends were Mrs Couch and Miss Bed.

My parents laughed at me, oh how they laughed. But on a more serious note I was able to tell them how much I appreciate everything they do for me, often without me realising. Apparently laundry doesn't just magically appear folded in your bedroom, who knew? (In my defence I do do my own laundry. . . sometimes).

Cleaning jokes aside, I also realised just how much I rely on my family for emotional support. I am blessed to be part of a very close family. I didn't realise this until friends came round when I was younger and they'd be shocked to find out that we actually, you know, interacted with one another beyond, "what's for dinner?" I guess a lot of families do have some kind of "family time" but perhaps it's a bit more habitual and integrated into my family's everyday living. I'm not sure but I am grateful.

In all of this I could see how God has provided for me throughout my life, and continues to do so. Sometimes it was little things, like emails from my mum inviting me to family events while I was away. At other times He reached out to me when I was "in the miry clay" (Psalm 40: 2) and, foolishly, not seeking the shelter of His wings to keep me safe (Psalm 91: 4).

I remember one evening I'd had a particularly upsetting phone call  (see: other adulthood adventures in the merry land of dating) and was well and truly in the pit. I sought comfort in earthly things: a hot cup of tea and Netflix (see: hot chocolate vs the love of God). As I wallowed in self-pity and emotional pain one of the kittens I was taking care of came bounding up, jumped under my arm WHICH WAS CURRENTLY HOLDING A BOILING CUP OF TEA and landed neatly in my lap (phew!), complete with her favourite toy.

Usually she'd scamper away again to play with her brother but she curled up, purring all the while, and fell asleep in my lap. This nearly bought a fresh wave of tears as I knew just how much God loved me. He was there, holding my hand, occasionally dragging me kicking and screaming, but loving me through and through.

So, dear reader, adulthood is mildly terrifying but I am well and truly thankful that in God's eyes I am still a little sheep, bleating madly and in need of a Shepherd. He has provided us with earthly shepherds too, whether that is a parent, friend, pastor or whoever that person is in your life who is helping you to navigate the Adventures in Adulthood.

If you look closely you can spot her toy :)

Image credits:
(1) Image by Kristina-Henderson via Deviant Art. Used under CC licence.
(2) Image by Mysid via Wiki Commons. Public domain.
(3) Image by MB, featuring Evie and Jackson.
(4) Image by MB, featuring Abby.