Friday, 5 June 2015

An appeal on behalf of a friend

Yes I'm about to ask for money. 

Ok now that's out of the way allow me to outline the situation for you. My friend, Eva, has recently encountered a fairly significant snag in funding for her studies at university.

As an Australian citizen we are entitled to government "loans" (it's not really a loan, exactly, anyway that's not important right now) to pay for our university studies. My friend is, however, a Permanent Resident. Her university, Notre Dame (note: prounced Not-ra Dame if you're an Aussie and not Not-er Daym ["said in exaggerated American accent"]) was kind enough to waive her fees, due to her family and living situation, until she was able to become a citizen.

Next Eva, beautiful girl that she is, went on a mission trip to help victims of typhoon Yolonda in the Philippines. What she didn't realise is that one needs to renew Permanent Residency status every four years should one desire to travel overseas.

The result is her citizenship application being pushed back until a later date and Notre Dame requiring that she now pays her fees upfront...To the tune of $5000. Ouch. To top it off she only found out now, two months before semester starts. As a recently married woman $5000 is a little hard to come by.

Eva is a woman of great faith and believes that God is calling her to use her studies for the furthering of His kingdom. I support her in this and that is why I am asking you to consider making a donation.

You can view her Go Fund Me page here:

Thank you for your time. You may now resume your day ;)

Need motivation to give? Just see Matthew 25: 35-40.
(Image by contemplative imaging under CC license)